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Katja Rapp | Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist | CA, USA

Empowering Personal Transformation

Tailored therapy for reconnecting

with your true 'Self'

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I believe that as human beings, we have the innate wisdom to heal ourselves,

but sometimes we need a little help and guidance on our way to get back on the path that is right for us. I want to help guide you back to this route and find a connection to your “Self” again, using an approach that is tailored to your individual need.

Services I Offer

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Individual therapy

Experience personalized sessions with a therapist to cultivate strategies for nurturing a deeper connection with yourself and others.

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Online encounters

For those who need flexibility I provide virtual therapy sessions, offering support and guidance wherever you are.

I have years of experience working with individuals in the following areas:

Eating disorders
Substance abuse
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A space to find healing,
growth and renewal

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Make an appointment

To schedule an appointment you can call

1-805-215-0373 or use the form below.

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