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A bit more about me

I was born in Germany and grew up traveling to many parts of Europe and Africa. These experiences led me to appreciate the uniqueness and inner strength of each individual.  

I believe that as human beings, we have the innate wisdom to heal ourselves, but sometimes we need a little help and guidance on our way to get back on the path that is right for us. I want to help guide you back to this route and find a connection to your “Self” again, using an approach that is tailored to your individual need. 

When I moved to California in 1996, I studied the arts and theater and transitioned to psychology.  I enjoy incorporating aspects of the arts into treatment to foster healing. In 2006, I received my Masters in Clinical Psychology and soon moved to the Central Coast where I resided for 16 years. I recently moved to San Diego and transitioned my practice to virtual therapy.

Photo of the professional Katja Rapp
organic shape
organic shape

I have extensive training and experience in the area of trauma, eating disorders and mood disorders, as well as grief, loss, LGBTQ+HIV and AIDS, substance abuse, as well as, anxiety and depression/bipolar.


Some of my modalities include EMDR, CBT, DBT, sensorimotor/somatic therapy, Gestalt, EFT and IFS

Tailored therapy for reconnecting
with your true 'Self'

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